Great opportunity to connect with leases with similar vision and Kingdom mentality. A time to give and receive experiences in ministry.

I attended on the Saturday, I unfortunately missed most of the workshops but made the final Worship Summit which was inspiring. I left the workshop feeling even more empowered in my relationship with Christ. It also felt great being with other brothers and sisters in Christ coming together with one accord. It was my first time but it won't be my last.


"I give Glory and Praise to Almighty God, it was lovely to be amongst God's people giving him the highest Praise which he is worthy of, Thank You!!" 



My husband and I have been coming to Renewal together for 4 years. Previously, I have brought along my whole worship team - we all leave inspired and refreshed to continue serving in worship at our local church. We love KWM's heart and are touched every year by the unity and vibrancy of the church. Personally, I have grown so much from coming every year, the teachings, the workshops and the worship experience is so full of Jesus' presence! We will definately keep supporting and praying for this movement. I have seen it impact the worship leaders and musicians on my team in such a powerful way. The sensitivity to command and present His presence at these events causes transformation of the heart towards honouring and serving God whole-heartedly. Thank you KWM!




Very nice atmosphere and easy to worship. It’s so nice to open for you some new worshipers and to make new friends. I’m already waiting for Renewal19.

Survey for Renewal 18



I have attended OWN for the past 7 years. I have always met with God in a very personal way mainly from the timely messages and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. I don't always enjoy the worship sessions, but that's age and personal preferences listening to Gods will is more important and accountable. I always leave blessed and challenged to do more for God. There's heavenly rawness that causes me to surrender and draw close to God in a very vulnerable personal way. God is good to all of his children, when we come close to him he comes closer to bless, love and let us know we are his children.

Feedback from Survey, Renewal 18



We have been to the last five renewals, we have heard from God every time, learned loads, gained healing and received a word from God for each year and been spot on, this year was no different in that respect only deeper, realler and clearer than ever before.. Doug s message was my favourite so far this year until mark got up haha God spoke amazing life changing words .... we much say this years venue was the best yet as no matter what time you turned up you could chill and relax and wait for friends in the warmth and with a cuppa, the worship area and alter was very relatable to see how it could work at our individual churches, and the workshops were spot on... we loved it God brought conviction, teaching and personally amazing direction and healing. We love everyone of you who sacrificed and put into this encounter. We thank God for you and already booked for next year as no matter what is going on in our life we need to be there as our church needs us to be filled to overflowing so that God can move freely and effectively through us! Sorry for such a long feedback but words really cannot express our gratitude.

Austin and Karen Smith.



Awesome time in the presence of the Lord, lovely convenient venue, highlight - we must lay down our strength as well as our weakness. All that we think we have the ability to with out help must still be presented to the Lord, believe or not I was not there on Friday due to work but my friend gave a load down. Where can we get Dougs ministration. Then Saturday Mark Beswick wow!! How he dissected the word regarding Abrahams sacrifice and Isaac surrender - as old as Isaac was (37) he went along with the fact that he was the sacrificial lamb. That is surrender. Abraham would not even have been able to walk away with the ashes because the usual custom is to give the sacrificial lamb ALL to God . Surrendering all withholding nothing - I could go on. No platform only an altar well that's Gold dust changed perspective. Thank you to all the ministers in word and music - truly inspired

Grace Odu



Through a very tragic time of loss I have continued to worship Jesus and not pass blame or questioned God as we all know that evil is very present in this world. Well on Saturday morning about half way through worship I was struck by a real feeling of anger that I had not experienced before towards God and I literally sat on my hands when we were being encouraged to raise our hands in praise. It was healthy anger I now understand and I voiced my concerns in one of the seminars between 2-4 and had 3 people talking about their own feeling too. We helped each other. That night I was back and worshipping but feeling ok to have had some anger as I know God wants us to be real with him. I was met where I was and ministered too. Thank you KWM and will see you at Ashburnham in September 

Linda Bernard



Seriously, every church pastor should be scrambling to book their team in for next year. We travelled from the Lake District after being encouraged to attend #renewal17 by Noel Robinson. He told us that from the minute we attend something will change in the Spirit with our worship team and there will be a new level of anointing for the team. Noel is a man of his word! Our worship team was already pretty good but something has exponentially changed in the spiritual dynamics. I'd recommend every leader and church team to attend renewal18 if there is one- amazing! I was expecting it just to be a music orientated event and, as a church leader who can't even play a triangle in rythymn, I thought I might just be hanging around for some time. Not so! The leaders symposium was a great time of fellowship and input, and the level of maturity and insight demonstrated in Mark Beswick's teaching session was first class. Totally moved by Noel and Tanya's presentation for compassion too. God bless all those involved, from the loving welcome on arrival by Helen McCabe (who couldn't do enough to help and serve), to all those who made it a success behind the scenes, to all the singers, musicians, stewards, everyone involved- you're a shining light for the Kingdom of God! ... Stay surrendered

Darren Roy