Dear friends,

We’re praying that the Christmas season and it festivities have left you in a joyous and blessed mood. I am so aware that many were unable to celebrate due to many factors of life that may have presented itself.

One of the powerful thoughts and questions is that finding the real reason to celebrate this festive season releases us of many of the social hang-ups this season presents.

The story of the wise men intrigued me so much because these men went on a search for Jesus they had no idea where it lead them. They did not worship the star they followed nor did they worship the journey, they were on a journey OF worship (Faith) TO worship (Presence).

It is important as you walk into 2018 that your journey of worship is filled with faith as you step towards those places of encounter, be ready to give your gifts of worship in the right atmosphere. The presence of Jesus may not look like your place of expectations, but You will recognise that wherever Jesus is the place becomes beautified by His presence.

May your 2018 be that year of great beauty because as you pour out your heart of worship may the great exchange ‘beauty of your Ashes take place in your life’ and the ‘oil of joy’ be the hallmarks of 2018!

We look forward to you celebrating with me the Renewal London  2018 2nd-3rd February 2018!

We are excited that so many of my friends with be joining us as we celebrate 10 years of Renewal worship encounters, the theme I look forward to seeing you there. Information is on our website.
Happy New Year!