You have stayed long enough at this mountain ...” - Deuteronomy 1:6-8 (NIV)

It might feel like there is a mountain in your life that needs to be moved, but it could be that you are remaining at a mountain that you are meant to leave.

You might be on the top of a mountain enjoying the view, going around one searching for the path you should take or camping at the bottom when God tells you to leave. Perhaps reaching the mountain had been a great accomplishment, the achievement of a life time. It could be that being on the mountain marks a season you want to remain in, a place of comfort. God saying it’s time to leave could be in relation to something tangible (like seeking a new job) or something internal (such as living out a spiritual revelation). It’s not that being at the mountain is bad, it’s simply that there will inevitably come a time when you are expected to carry on your journey to another place, a new terrain or land, whether you feel ready to or not. 

It is understandable that you may be reluctant to go even if you unmistakably hear God say to. After all, the chances are it won’t be easy. At first you might need to backtrack - loosing the ground you previously gained - in order to head to a completely new territory. You might need to walk through an unpleasant valley, encounter unpleasant troubles and difficulties, face some fears head on and perhaps you will need to climb another, bigger mountain. It could be that your resistance is fueled by a desire to be consistent and steadfast, or a belief that leaving would be reckless or double-minded. Perhaps your concern is for others in your life in regards to what upheaval of any kind may mean for them. God always has the bigger picture in mind and moving on when the time comes invariably leads to the more that God has in store, it may just temporarily feel like less whilst you make a transition. 

I’m sure we have all experienced seasons where it feels as though everything is in the air and change is thrust upon us seemingly against our will. Perhaps it so happens that a number of major life events coincide and collide, or that other peoples decisions and actions make significant change suddenly happen around you. I think these times tend to be preceded by a nudge or two - whether a few words in season, a divine appointment, a running theme in conversations, a mere sense in your spirit or a spiritual growth spurt or revelation. If we are apparently caught unawares by such seismic shifts, the likelihood is that we have avoided heeding God telling us that we have stayed long enough. 

Likewise, we may experience seasons where it feels as though situations in our lives are stuck or blocked as though we have reached a dead end. Perhaps everything that you have done seems to account for nothing as though everything is working against you. You grow weary of striving, of giving your all and your best without the desired results. You may call upon the authority in you to tell the mountain to move but nothing alters. Letting go and preparing to leave begins with acknowledging that even that which was Gods idea may not be intended to keep you where you are. It the midst of such a forced interruption to momentum I’m sure there is a still, small voice uttering that you have stayed long enough. 

It goes without saying that God's faith working in you can indeed move a mountain, but the same measure of faith can be required to move on from one. Perhaps we, ourselves, can be the proverbial mountain that we need faith to move?! 

 - Mandy Harris
Amaris Arts