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Born in London to West Indian parents Donnas' love for music stems from her childhood and the different kinds of music always played in her home. After becoming a Christian in her teens, Donna began to find her voice.

She is a songwriter, a singer and a dynamic worship leader, co-writing songs such as "Rain" "One Hope" and "Praise Awaits".
She definitely wears her heart on her sleeve, and this is evident in the way that she leads. She is passionate about the Saviour she is singing about and wants those that she leads to experience the joy that true worship brings.

Donnas’ music ministry has led her to minister across the United Kingdom, Europe, the USA and other parts of the world with Noel Robinson as part of Nu Image. She has featured on countless Christian television programmes and on numerous radio broadcasts in the UK.

More recently she has been leading worship for the Kingdom Worship Movement (KWM) events in London, Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester, and is also the Worship/vocal coordinator for the events.