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Richard is a worship leader, songwriter and producer based in London, is married to Lucy and has a daughter called Olivia.

Richard has spent 8 years touring with Noel Robinson, and in that time has seen so many different expressions of worship across various church streams. Time and again he has seen the Spirit move through different expressions and as a result, loves seeing the whole breadth of the Church represented in the songs of worship that we sing.

To date, Richard has released 2 projects. His first EP “Conversation” was released in 2013 and is a collection of 6 songs all about vulnerability and having our value rooted in God.  His first album “Lamina” was released in 2018. 10 tracks long, this album focuses on what God says about Himself, what He says about us and our resulting response.

Richard's desire is to see people released into the fullness of who God has created them to be, and he believes we are transformed when we connect with God, so every time he leads or writes a song, he's looking for that connection.