Mandy was born in greater London/Essex developing a love for music, dance and all things creative at an early age. She became a Christian when she was 17 through conversations with college peers whilst studying Performing Arts. She began to become involved in church a year later, serving in various capacities over the years mostly in the arts, youth and worship departments whilst studying Commercial Music and Audio Production and becoming a youth and children worker, vocal tutor and workshop leader. As a vocal tutor she especially enjoys revealing to people the genius in how God has created the human voice. 

Mandy became part of the Kingdom Worship Movement shortly after being added to the soprano line up of Nu Image (Noel Robinson's group) in 2010. Mandy enjoys worshipping through various mediums especially dance.

On an ad hoc basis Mandy is also part of the Sound of tha Saintz (founded and formally led by Solomon Facey), Visual Ministry Choir and House of Troops. She tends to write and arrange neo soul/jazz based songs.