Dave has been involved in music ever since he could remember.

Like so many he honed his skills in church, singing harmonies to the rich British hymnody and Chorus tunes of his youth. Later on he learned to play piano, then (once his sister showed him Em) he learned the guitar. As a teenager he started writing songs on his own and with others for use in vocal harmony groups and bands.

He eventually started writing songs for use in church for sung worship some of which became anthems of his local church. All of this brought him to wider attention and eventually some of his songs were published. In 1997 he and his family moved to London so he could join the staff at Kensington Temple, eventually becoming Music Pastor there, a role he carried for 17 years. At KT his songs were sung widely at KT church itself, in its satellite churches and at National and International conferences. The songs helped to embed ideas and to give voice to Londoners wanting a fresh lyric to sing in worship.

Glory and Fire is the latest and best of a whole raft of albums of his own songs, many self produced. It features 13 of his best songs, though tantalisingly, not all of his best or most popular songs.

Dave currently ministers on the team at Cheltenham Elim Church.