We were created to Worship God. The whole story of our redemption retells how we were created to worship God but by our sin became disqualified from that true and authentic worship. By God’s redemption in Jesus Christ, we were created anew for the purpose of worshipping God and every glimpse of heaven we have in scripture indicates that worship will be our eternal occupation.

It is for that purpose that we are being even in the present.The vision of the Kingdom Worship Movement (KWM) can be best described as a movement of people who are kingdom minded in the pursuit of God’s will in their lives, towns, cities and  nations, and seek to encourage the worshipper to bring about the Kingdom of God in every sphere governing their lives.Thy Kingdom come thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven is a call for heaven to open up its vaults and release its purpose for every area of our lives.

The earth is waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God. St John 4:23. The hour cometh and now is when true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth and it is asking what is God saying about your local church in the community, and in your city. What is the heavenly mandate for your life as we resonate with heaven? Kingdom Worship reformation, historically the reformation of the sixteenth century, was a reavaluation of doctrine. It was a necessary revision as biblical truth was recovered. We are presently experiencing a reformation in worship that is just as necessary and just as historic.

The KWM mandate is to seek out and establish the mandate of worship in this current dispensation of the Body of Christ and its relationship to every believer through the Word of God. KWM is a non denominational ministry committed to multicultural, multi-ethnic values and recognises the multiplicity of the many global worship forms.

KWM as a global ministry also sees its responsibility to enhance the local church in worship through teaching, empowerment, development and training in all aspects of music and the relevant skills needed to apply the Kingdom mandate within a locality.The KWM mandate seeks to understand and celebrate the breadth and diversity of our worshipping culture. in this present generation. KWM seeks to enhance the theological and prophetic mandate and position of the Kingdom Worshipper.KWM seeks to encourage relational and intimate worship with a true and living God to bring about a true celebration of Christ in the World.


Kingdom Worship Movement

This mandate is not just for the worshipper, pastor or musician but it’s for the Body of Christ, it’s for the worshipper who happens to be…


Noel Robinson

artist-noelYour Conference Host: Noel Robinson:  Itinerant Worship leader for 20 years. His heart is to see the Body of Christ Unite in worship and the power of missions to impact this generation of believers bringing the Kingdom of God to every sphere of our lives.