We loved it!

austin and karen smith

Testimonial from Austin and Karen Smith “We have been to the last five renewals, we have heard from God every time, learned loads, gained healing and received a word from God for each year and been spot on, this year was no different in that respect only deeper, realler and clearer than ever before.. Doug’s message was my favourite so far this year until mark got up haha God spoke amazing life changing words …. we much say this years venue was the best yet as no matter what time you turned up you could chill and relax and wait for friends in the warmth and with a cuppa, the worship area and alter was very relatable to see how it could work at our individual churches, and the workshops were spot on… we loved it God brought conviction, teaching and personally amazing direction and healing. We love everyone of you who sacrificed and put into this encounter. We thank God for you and already booked for next year as no matter what is going on in our life we need to be there as our church needs us to be filled to overflowing so that God can move freely and effectively through us! Sorry for such a long feedback but words really cannot express our gratitude.”