Thank you KWM

Linda Bernard

Here’s a review from Linda Bernard after Renewal 17 “Through a very tragic time of loss I have continued to worship Jesus and not pass blame or questioned God as we all know that evil is very present in this world. Well on Saturday morning about half way through worship I was struck by a real feeling of anger that I had not experienced before towards God and I literally sat on my hands when we were being encouraged to raise our hands in praise. It was healthy anger I now understand and I voiced my concerns in one of the seminars between 2-4 and had 3 people talking about their own feeling too. We helped each other. That night I was back and worshipping but feeling ok to have had some anger as I know God wants us to be real with him. I was met where I was and ministered too. Thank you KWM and will see you at Ashburnham in September ❤ Thank you for such a beautiful weekend and for all the hard work the staff team put in.”