Bible Society

Bible Society is working to circulate the Scriptures across the world, in the church and through the culture just like air conditioning circulates air through a building.

The strategy of Bible Society (how we achieve our mission) centres on Bible availability, accessibility and credibility. It’s what we call the ‘life cycle’ of the Bible. These strategic approaches encompass all of our activity: translation, production, distribution, literacy, engagement and advocacy.

We believe this work can be transformative.

Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI)

CCLI appreciates that copyright can be confusing, and many churches, businesses and organisations simply want a quick and affordable solution so they can get on with the important things, confident they’re legally covered.


We're a Christian child development and child advocacy ministry. For more than 60 years, we’ve been partnering with local churches in developing countries to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

Evangelical Alliance

We are the largest and oldest body representing the UK’s two million evangelical Christians. For more than 165 years, we have been bringing Christians together and helping them listen to, and be heard by, the government, media and society.

Integrity Direct

Integrity Music is a division of David C Cook, a leading nonprofit global resource provider serving the Church with life-transforming materials.

"To equip the Church with Christ-centered resources for making and teaching disciples who obediently transform today's generations."

"Go and make disciples." Christ commands it – we're doing it. It's really that simple. David C Cook exists for the sole purpose of equipping grassroots pastors, local church leaders, families and children throughout the world with all the vital discipleship resources they need

Keep the Faith Magazine

Britain’s black Pentecostal churches are among the largest in the country with several having a regular attendance of 1,000+. Increasingly, black churches also run a wide range of community projects which are designed to help the vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the black community.

Mission Worship

Worship leader and writer of popular worship song ‘Your Love Never Fails’, Chris McClarney, recently said that ‘Worship and mission are inseparable’. This statement perfectly encapsulates what Mission Worship is all about. We passionately believe that Christ-centered worship must have a heart for the poor and the marginalised – both inside and outside of our churches. The Bible clearly tells us that Jesus Christ is a defender of the underdog, the persecuted and the lonely – from the lady who touches the hem of his garment in Luke 8 to the two blind men he heals in Matthew 20.