KWM Core Team

Tanya Robinson

Tanya Robinson; wife, mum and child of God. Tanya is Co-Founder of City Women Outreach and Chair of Women on the Frontline Ministries.. A heart for women from all backgrounds, from ministering to sex workers in East London, to leadership within Christians in Government.

Noel Robinson

Noel is the founder of The Kingdom Worship Movement (KWM) and its flagship event "The Renewal Worship Encounters". He continues to work and be influential within the worship leaders fraternity, working with many of his peers.

Mark Beswick

Mark Beswick is offering Worship Clinics to Church worship teams around the UK. Mark is passionate about equipping believers nationally and internationally to affect their sphere of influence with the power of true praise and not just in the black majority churches. Mark brings a fresh dimension to worship for all races and backgrounds- offering contemporary and relevant songs and teaching which captures the prophetic heart of God for His people and His church.

Madeleine Kerzner

Pastor Madeleine Kerzner Pastor/teacher/Prophetic Worship Leader/ and Intercessor and believes for signs and wonders from Jesus our Messiah wherever she goes.  For Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and forever ! Her Ministry name is Nation 2 Nation from 1 Chronicles 16. 

Lara Martin

Lara Martin is a singer/songwriter from the United Kingdom. Lara is best known for her songs God is Here and The Voice of Hope and Divine Exchange. More recent songs include Be With Me, Between Trapezes and Soothe from her latest album Pearl.

Donna Akodu

Donna declares prophetically the Lordship of Jesus through her songs of worship and deliverance. Donna has a unique ability when it comes to being spontaneous often singing a ‘new song’. She is a deep lover of the psalms.