Awesome time in the presence of the Lord

Grace Odu

Review from Grace Odu “Awesome time in the presence of the Lord, lovely convenient venue, highlight – we must lay down our strength as well as our weakness. All that we think we have the ability to with out help must still be presented to the Lord, believe or not I was not there on Friday due to work but my friend gave a load down. Where can we get Dougs ministration. Then Saturday Mark Beswick wow!! How he dissected the word regarding Abrahams sacrifice and Isaac surrender – as old as Isaac was (37) he went along with the fact that he was the sacrificial lamb. That is surrender. Abraham would not even have been able to walk away with the ashes because the usual custom is to give the sacrificial lamb ALL to God . Surrendering all withholding nothing – I could go on.
No platform only an altar well that’s Gold dust changed perspective. Thank you to all the ministers in word and music – truly inspired.”